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Welcome to the New Zealand Horticulture Export Authority website.

The primary purpose of the HEA is to promote the effective export marketing of horticultural products. We do this by providing an exporting structure and support network for the NZ horticultural export industry. This takes the form of an export licensing system for Product Groups who choose to come under the HEA structure. This structure requires these groups to develop an Export Marketing Strategy (i.e. their rules for exporting). HEA also provides support and information through various digital and print media, and occasional conferences/workshops to assist industry development.

HEA also liaises with sector stakeholder groups on matters relating to market access, trade barriers and their removal, and plays a role in lobbying government on such matters on behalf of the industry.

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Media Release -  NZ horticulture export growth relisient despite trade disruption - 1 December 2022

Growth in total New Zealand horticulture export earnings continued its upward trend, albeit at a lower rate of increase, with a two-year growth of 6% (or $255m) in export earnings since 2020 to $4.8 billion, according to an updated report released in Wellington today. The report New Zealand Horticulture – Barriers to Our Export Trade confirms the growth in total earnings and further progress on tariff reductions with horticultural exporters still paying an estimated $168 million in tariffs.

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Media Release - NZ-EU agreement big lift for horticulture exports - 1 July 2022

The announcement of a free trade agreement between New Zealand (NZ) and the European Union (EU) is warmly welcomed across the NZ horticulture exporting landscape. This news provides a big lift for future prospects against the current backdrop of significant challenges in exporting perishable products and the geopolitical uncertainties. The removal of trade distorting tariffs will be good for the NZ horticulture export sectors by levelling the pitch with other southern hemisphere supplying countries.

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Media Release - NZ-UK agreement positive for horticulture and consumers - 21 October 2021

Announcements of ‘agreement in principle’ for a free trade agreement between New Zealand and the United Kingdom is welcomed across the NZ horticulture exporting landscape. This news provides a welcome lift against the current backdrop of significant challenges in exporting perishable products.

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Media Release - Trade Barriers Report - Horticulture export growth continues despite pandemic disruption - 3 December 2020

Horticulture export growth continued on its upward trend with a 6.5% growth in export earnings since 2019, and two-year growth of 25% according to an updated report realeased in Wellington today.

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The report New Zealand Horticulture - Barriers to our Export Trade is commissioned every two years by the NZ Horticulture Export Authority (HEA). The current report was released to industry stakeholders in December 2020.
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HEA Statutory Performance Review - 2020

The HEA Act requires an independent performance review to be undertaken at five-yearly intervals. The independent reviewer (James Morrison Consulting Ltd) was appointed by the Minister of Agriculture in December 2019 and the review took place over the Febraury to April period. The key message is... "that HEA is performing well, and is higly regarded by most stakeholders". 

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Kiwiberry - advice to exporters

Exporters must hold a licence or an exemption from licensing issued by HEA to export Kiwiberry to Australia. The Kiwifruit to Australia Order in Council specifies that Kiwifruit means the fruit of the plant of the genus Actinidia, which includes Kiwiberry (Actinidia Arguta). An alert has been placed in the NZ Customs system. For information on the licensing requirements email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The amended HEA Act - what it means, Simon Hegarty, The Orchardist, March 2017

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NZ Government Grants with possible access for horticulture

Click here for a list of grants compiled by HEA for members' information. 

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NZ horticulture export growth resilient despite trade disruption & date it at 1 Dec2022