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How is HEA Governed & managed?

  • HEA reports to the Minister for Primary Industries
  • HEA governance is provided by a 5-member board comprising 3 industry nominated representatives and 2 government appointees:
    • Peter Luxton (Chairman since March 2020)
    • Lesley Wilson (Horticulture New Zealand nominee since November 2018)
    • Stephanie Honey (Government appointee since March 2020)
    • Craig Hall (Exporter nominee since January 2022)
    • Duane Wells (Horticulture New Zealand nominee since January 2022)

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Staff –

  • Simon Hegarty (appointed CEO in August 2005)
  • Barbara Maré (Administrator & Industry Advisor part-time role)

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While the HEA reports to the Minister of Agriculture, the HEA is funded 100% by its industry sector participants via:

  • Statutory levies on Recognised Product Groups.
  • Fees on licence holders (application fees and annual monitoring & compliance fees).